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Our secret recipe?
Passion, experience and our focus on the future!


Standard containers or special equipment, carrier-owned equipment or shipper-owned containers, port-to-port transport or door-to-door service, we offer you the entire range of container services. Furthermore, our employees are skilled in handling special cargo; such as out of gauge, heavy lift or dangerous goods.


We load all types of conventional general cargo or bulk goods and are by your side with advice and competent support for your project shipments. Crates and boxes, steel loads of all kinds, forest products, pallets or big bags - we guarantee you a profes­sional solution for your breakbulk shipment.


Cars, Vans and High & Heavy. Static cargo by forklift or stowed onto mafi trailers. New or used vehicles - we offer you RoRo transports to worldwide desti­nations and maintain close contacts to the RoRo ports of the North Range.

Since 1891 we have been successfully operating as a ship broker and liner agent in the international transport industry. The long history and our wealth of experience speaks for our success. Our knowledge and commitment go beyond the standard services of a shipping agency to offer you an extensive range of transport solutions for containers, project cargoes and RoRo, covering every aspect of carriage from the initial offer right up to final delivery.

We do not rest on our many years of experience. Instead, we prefer to act with a future oriented vision, remaining curious. Cooperatively, personally and reliably, we set everything in motion: Containers, projects, vehicles, vessels — and ourselves.

We maintain excellent contacts to direct shippers (OEM’S and BCO’s), forwarders and importers throughout Europe, the U.S., South America, East Africa and South East Asia due to many years of activities in numerous trades.

It is our understanding of a dedicated service that we engage with the specific needs of our customers, principals and partners. Each and every day we thrive on our aspiration for a customer-focused service. We are also constantly searching for new opportunities and are looking to take the initiative.

The portfolio of shipping companies represented by Menzell Döhle includes:

ARRC Atlantic RoRo Carriers Inc.


Europe - US Gulf and East Coast
Europe - St. Petersburg (Russia)

Represented in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands
BOCS – Bremen Overseas Chartering and Shipping GmbH


Europe - Western Africa

Represented in Germany
Borchard Lines Ltd


Europe - Eastern Mediterranean

Represented in Germany
Breadbox Shipping Lines B.V.


Europe - North-Western Africa

Represented in Germany


Europe - Middle East

Represented in Germany


Europe - Santa Marta (Colombia)

Represented in Germany


Europe - Red Sea, India, China and Far East
China and Korea - Mediterranean Sea and Northwest Continent
China and Korea - Arabian Gulf
China and Korea - North Coast South America, US Gulf and US East Coast
US Gulf and US East Coast to Singapore, China and Far East

Represented in Finland, Germany, Sweden


Europe - USA, Mexico

Represented in USA
Ceylon Shipping Corporation Ltd.


Europe - Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Represented in Germany
China United Lines Ltd.


Europe - China and Far East

Represented in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, UK


Middle East, India, China, Eastern Africa, South East Asia

Represented in Germany, Kenya, Tanzania


Europe Northwest Continent - Northern Europe

Represented in Sweden


Europe Northwest Continent - Ireland

Represented in Germany, Poland


Europe - Canada and Great Lakes (USA)

Represented in Germany


Europe - US Gulf and US East Coast
Europe - West Coast Canada, US, Mexico Costa Rica, Guatemala
Far East - West Coast Canada, US, Mexico Costa Rica, Guatemala
Far East - US Gulf and US East Coast
Mediterranean - Brazil
US East Coast and US Gulf - Mediterranean

Represented in Germany


Europe - India / Arabian Gulf

Represented in Germany

Great White Fleet

Europe - Central America

Represented in Sweden

Hansa Levant Line

North Continent - East Med - Black Sea

Represented in Belgium


Europe - Caribbean, Mexico and USA
Europe - Middle East and India
Europe - Africa and Oceania
Europe - US East Coast, Mexico and Oceania
Worldwide Crosstrades on request

Represented in Finland, Poland, Sweden, UK,

HongFa Shipping

Far East - South Africa - South America
Far East - South East Asia - Oceania

Represented in Denmark

Hugo Stinnes

Europe - South Africa
Europe - Mexico, Caribbean, US Gulf

Represented in Denmark, Sweden


Europe - East Africa

Represented in Germany

Lighthouse Navigation

Baltic Sea - South America

Represented in USA


Europe - Africa
US Golf - Africa
US Golf - Europe

Represented in Poland


Europe - South Pacific
Europe - South America
Mediterranean - Caribbean
Marseille (France) - Maghreb

Represented in Belgium, Germany


Europe - West Africa

Represented in Germany


Europe - Cuba, Curacao, Aruba

Represented in Sweden


Europe - US East Coast, US Gulf

Represented in USA

Sea Connect

Europe Northwest Continent - Klaipeda (Lithuania) and St. Petersburg (Russia)

Represented in Germany


Europe - South America West Coast
Europe - French Antilles, Suriname and South America West Coast

Represented in Germany, Sweden

Sloman Neptun

Europe - North Africa

Represented in Belgium, Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden, The Netherlands


Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Eastern Europe, Caspian Sea, Africa, Turkey, Central Asia

Represented in USA

Swan Container Line

Europe - St. Petersburg
Europe Northwest Continent - Ireland

Represented in Germany, The Netherlands


Europe - New Caledonia, Fiji and South Pacific Islands
Europe - Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands and Australia
Europe - Tahiti
Europe - Guam and Saipan

Represented in Germany, Poland, Sweden


Europe-Far East

Represented in Netherlands


Lisbon and Leixões (Portugal) - Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde Islands, Guinea-Bissau

Represented in Germany


Worldwide Options - Bahamas, Caribbean, Central America

Represented in Germany, Sweden


Europe - South America West Coast

Represented in Sweden

Wan Hai Lines

Intra Asia, Trans-Pacific, Middle East, India

Represented in Germany